Warrior of the Soul

Book 1

into the whirlwind


David Pratt

© July 2001


Part 1    Coming events cast shadows
Part 2    When the axe falls
Part 3    The price of failure
Part 4    Journey to the inner circle

Part 1   Coming events cast shadows

~ 1 ~

Seven tumultuous months had brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.
    It all began on the first of April when global financial markets collapsed and worldwide economic recession set in, fuelling social unrest and unleashing a series of political upheavals.
    On 7 April, an alliance of communists and extreme nationalists, with the strong backing of the armed forces, won the largest share of the vote in the Russian elections and their candidate was elected president. The new government pledged to take vigorous measures to tackle the country’s economic and social crisis, by reintroducing state control over large sections of the economy and dealing severely with the ‘enemies of progress’.
    China, too, began to reverse earlier market reforms, and its relations with the West were further strained by a full-scale crackdown on dissidents. On 14 April China signed a military and economic pact with the Union of Independent States, consisting of Russia and most of the other republics of the former Soviet Union.
    Meanwhile radical Islamic forces were swiftly strengthening their influence in most Arab states, and on 27 April the Middle Eastern Alliance was formed. It vowed to oppose western economic dominance and to spread the word of Islam by every means at its disposal. A week later it signed friendship treaties with the Union of Independent States and China.
    The rapidity of these events seemed to plunge the West into a state of shock and its initial response was hesitant and uncertain. Then, on 7 May, the Republican candidate, Alex K. Stanford, swept to power in the US presidential elections. He blamed the country’s economic crisis on the interventionist policies and mismanagement of the previous administration. He also called for a new crusade to roll back the frontiers of heathenism and spread Christian civilization to every quarter of the globe, and vowed that the United States would lead the West in thwarting any threats posed by the ‘anti-American, anti-freedom alliance’.
    The European Union initially tried to distance itself from the President’s belligerent stance, but this changed at the end of May, when the Middle Eastern Alliance suddenly doubled the price of oil, plunging the industrialized world even further into recession. The West responded with economic counter-measures, and the United States dispatched reinforcements and short-range nuclear missiles to its military bases in Israel and the Persian Gulf.
    China and the Union of Independent States retaliated by threatening to supply the MEA with nuclear weapons so that it could defend itself against ‘imperialist aggression’. Mass anti-western demonstrations took place in the MEA countries, and in the course of these protests many embassies were attacked and ransacked, and several members of staff were killed.
    President Stanford called for the ‘evil alliance’ to be crushed. He accused Russia and China of violating disarmament agreements and promptly tore them all up. In early July he set out on a whirlwind tour of European capitals. Lured by the prospect of large injections of US cash into their faltering economies, the governments of all the east European states – all of them members of NATO – immediately agreed to station US nuclear weapons on their soil, and most west European governments also responded favourably to the proposal. This drew vigorous condemnation from Russia and China, and a new arms race looked set to begin.
    At once, the dormant peace movement sprang back to life, and over the next few months a series of massive anti-nuclear and anti-NATO protests took place across Europe, resulting in violent clashes between demonstrators and riot police in many countries. Public opinion was evenly divided.
    In his weekly broadcasts to the nation, President Stanford declared that civilization was threatened by an evil alliance of heathens, communists and fascists. For how much longer would the West allow mere ‘savages’ – the ‘servants of Satan’ – to trample all over it? If it stood idly by, it would be failing in its God-given mission. Now was the time, he said, for the warriors of Christ, the stormtroopers of the Prince of Peace, to ‘kick ass’ in order to defend freedom and democracy and hasten the Second Coming. The earth must be cleansed and purified, and the law of God reinstated – by any means necessary.
    The President had persuaded his advisers that, given NATO’s military superiority, a nuclear first strike against key cities in Russia, China and key MEA states had every chance of bringing the enemy swiftly to its knees. There was a slight risk that things might get out of hand and degenerate into a full-scale nuclear holocaust, but at least the survivors would be able to look forward to the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Whatever happened, President Stanford had no doubt that he would be judged by history as the new Messiah.
    In early October, the war fever eased slightly when informal, UN-brokered talks took place and several representatives on both sides spoke out against the escalating threat of violence. President Stanford was furious and accused the UN of appeasement. While opinion polls showed seventy-five per cent of the American public supporting the President’s hardline stance, public opinion in Europe began to turn against the military option.
    Then, over a period of four days, beginning on 21 October, Washington, Tokyo, London, Paris, Bonn and half a dozen other western capitals were rocked by a spate of terrorist bombings, in which over four hundred civilians were killed. The scenes of carnage generated revulsion and outrage, and public opinion again swung towards war.
    Although the Middle Eastern Alliance condemned the bombings and denied any involvement, President Stanford laid the blame firmly at its door. He also accused Russia and China of financing the bloodshed, asserted that he had conclusive proof that they were preparing to launch a nuclear strike against the West, and openly threatened to wipe Russia, China and the MEA off the map.
    President Stanford summoned all NATO leaders to Washington. The meeting was scheduled for the afternoon of 1 November. In the prevailing atmosphere, he was quite confident that he would succeed in persuading his allies to support a preemptive nuclear attack in order to preserve the values of western civilization. Then, on 1 November, at nine o’clock in the morning, the world was stunned by the announcement that the President was dead – he had choked on an apple.
    Almost at once the tension and hysteria seemed to dissipate. Many irreverent comments on the President’s ‘fall’ and ‘original sin’ were made in the world’s media. By the end of the day many leaders on both sides had issued statements calling for dialogue and a peaceful resolution of the conflict. For the time being, the threat of war receded.

~ 2 ~

The next morning, outside an ashram somewhere in the foothills of the Himalayas . . .

The neophyte sat at the feet of the master, listening.
    ‘O ignorant humanity! Millions of lives saved by the bite of an apple indeed! Besotted by appearances, blind to inner realities are those who believe such twaddle. I tell you, Sahula, the highest adepts of our Brotherhood can see millennia into the future and know the general path our root-race will follow.’
    ‘But how is that possible if we have free will?’
    ‘Because we have all lived before; the human race has lived before – our present humanity is the child of the former humanity that lived on the previous embodiment of the earth. We follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before, and every step we take flows logically from the steps that preceded it. We have been reincarnating in human bodies for many millions of years, and in each life we reap what we have sown in previous lives and sow seeds that we shall harvest in future lives. Thus, the present is the child of the past and the parent of the future. Nothing can ever befall us that is not in some way of our own making. Present events are determined by present choices and past choices, but the choices we have made in the past constitute a karmic force which cannot be completely halted or diverted, and which therefore limits our current freedom and influences how we use it.
    ‘Nothing happens without a cause and nothing moves without a force. The force of the past propels us inexorably towards the future, and our present choices can at best modify – and usually reinforce – the general direction in which we are travelling. The greater the extent to which we wish to change the course of our lives and improve our characters, the greater the effort required, because we have to overcome the tremendous inertia of habit. There is no such thing as chance. The idea that millions of lives, or even a single life, can be snuffed out – or “saved” – by a fluke “accident”, totally unrelated to the past, is as absurd as the idea that your right arm will suddenly detach itself, unannounced, from the rest of your body. The keynote of nature is order, harmony and justice. It is only ignorant and rebellious selfconscious beings who think they can disrupt nature’s harmony with impunity, and who then rail against “chance” or “fate” or “God” when nature responds in kind. The past can never be obliterated: justice demands that we should reap the consequences of every thought and every deed.’
    ‘So the Brotherhood did not kill the President to prevent a nuclear war?’
    ‘No it did not, Sahula, because our Brotherhood works with nature, not against it. If the human souls that currently compose the human race had a nuclear war coming to them, it would have happened – and for all you know, it may yet happen – and the Brotherhood could not prevent it. There have been such wars in the distant past, with weapons far more terrible than those humanity now has to play with. The cycles must run their rounds; periods of mental and moral light and darkness follow each other as day does night. The mighty tide bears all before it, and our Brotherhood works silently, behind the scenes, to modify and direct some of its minor currents by encouraging human progress wherever possible. It is of course everybody’s duty to help others at every opportunity, but this is quite different from trying to halt karmic forces powerful enough to unleash a global war.’
    ‘Did our adepts know for certain that there wouldn’t be a war?’
    ‘Of course they knew, Sahula. They are not newborn babes! Every kingdom of nature has its forerunners, and the highest representatives of our holy Order have developed powers and abilities that the mass of humanity will not attain for countless ages. Do you think that the imminent death of millions of mortals could be hidden from those who have opened their spiritual vision and can read the future like an open book? Would it not be reflected in the aura of humanity and be preceded by a certain turbulence on the astral plane?
    ‘Everything in nature works from within outwards; every outer action stems from an inner thought, idea or impulse. Coming events cast their shadows before them, and these shadows are a projection in the astral and akashic realms of current tendencies and intentions. Since all the contributing causes, including our own choices, interact and evolve right up until the event in question occurs, there is always a limit to the amount of detail that can be foreseen. We can think of the future as something that is fluid but in the process of crystallizing and the nearer it approaches the more it solidifies. It stands to reason that the most momentous events in our lives and in world history – those with the heaviest weight of karma behind them – are crystallized furthest in advance, at least in their basic outlines.’
    Sahula thought for a moment and then said:
    ‘So predictability does not imply predeterminism or fatalism. It simply means that we live in an orderly universe rather than a crazy one and that we do not have absolute free will. Left to itself, everything follows the line of least resistance.’
    ‘Precisely! Let me give you a simple demonstration.’ The master picked up a pebble. ‘If I throw this stone into the air, can you predict what will happen?’
    ‘It will fall to the ground.’
    The master tossed it into the air and they watched it fall.
    ‘And if I repeat the experiment with another stone, what will happen?’
    ‘Exactly the same thing; what goes up must come down.’
    ‘And I predict that it will not come down.’
    The master threw the pebble straight up; it rose, slowed, stopped . . . and remained suspended for several seconds in mid-air – then it vanished.
    Sahula laughed gleefully.
    ‘But you know how to manipulate the elementals and to dematerialize things and reverse their polarity. Unless you’re doing it with mirrors.’
    ‘Well that’s what certain dim-witted sceptics might say. But you see, Sahula, that the accuracy of prediction depends on the accuracy and extent of our knowledge. In this case, I knew my intention and my ability to realize it – you did not. Of course, the events of a human life are far more complicated than this. But precisely because the present is so greatly determined by causes set in motion in the course of our long, long past – causes which cannot be undone – it is possible to predict the general course of an individual’s life and also the general destiny of nations and races. And note that this does not involve complicated computations or require perfect and precise knowledge of all the countless causal factors involved – which is impossible anyway in an infinite universe. It merely requires the power to tune in to the right frequency of the astral realms and to see the general picture that is unfolding.’
    ‘But how accurately can the future be predicted, and in how much detail, and exactly how far in advance? Did you know that the mad peling would choke to death?’
    ‘You are treading on forbidden ground, Sahula. Such things you will one day come to know for yourself, but it will be the reward for self-discipline and self-conquest; you must sacrifice the self if you would gain the Self. Try each moment to realize your highest aspirations and eventual success is certain.’
    ‘That could take thousands of years,’ Sahula thought to himself.
    ‘Perhaps rather longer, Sahula. But if spiritual enlightenment could be achieved without any effort it would be a very cheap attainment.’
    ‘But what about the apple?’ Sahula persisted. ‘It seems so insignificant.’
    ‘Yet in the context of the whole it was not so. There are “men of destiny”, who bring to a focus the karma of a nation or of many nations, and . . .’
    ‘. . . and there are apples of destiny in which the karma of the cosmos is concentrated!’ cried Sahula laughingly.
    ‘Temper your frivolity, Sahula,’ said the master with a smile. ‘Be kind and helpful towards all, cultivate a quiet cheerfulness and be always . . .’
    ‘. . . firm but gentle . . .’
    ‘. . . firm but gentle, and all things worth having will someday be yours. But while we’re waiting for that, I have been given permission to allow you a glimpse behind the scenes, into the akasha. So relax, close your eyes, concentrate – and learn. From a cosmic perspective, all is lila, divine play, and every spark of life is destined to reach divinity sooner or later.’
    The master swept his arm through the air. And it began . . .

~ 3 ~

The earth from afar. A shimmering vortex of energy. Multicoloured streams of light – human thoughts – erupting, cascading, snaking. A turmoil of colour-changing, shape-shifting forms, converging, diverging, blending, rending, colliding, fighting . . .

Two nights before the President died.
    The President was asleep, dreaming. He was in the Garden of Eden. He had been chosen by God to save the world from evil. He could see the enemy beyond the barbwire fence, clamouring to get in. He plucked an apple from the Tree of Life, bit off a crisp chunk of its flesh, then spat it out with all his might in the direction of the enemy. As it flew through the air, it turned into a glistening missile, slender and graceful, its engine throbbing gently. It landed amidst the enemy and exploded with a blinding flash and a deafening roar.
    The President awoke with a start. He knew exactly what he had to do. He was the Chosen One. He would not fail in his God-given task.

Later that morning.
    The President was on his early morning jog, his security agents right behind him. He stepped off the pavement to cross the road. Suddenly, a parked car shot backwards at high speed, heading straight for him. A security agent dived at the President, knocking him to the ground, and they landed in a heap on the pavement. As the President was helped to his feet, several security agents were dragging a wrinkled old woman from the car. They thrust her against the vehicle at gunpoint.
    ‘What’s your name, lady?’ one of them demanded.
    ‘E-E-Evelyn V. Edison,’ she stammered, weeping hysterically.
    ‘Evelyn, you almost killed the President of the United States. You’re under arrest, you goddamn fool!’
    The President turned to the guard who had saved him and patted him on the back.
    ‘God bless you, Adam.’

Early that afternoon.
    A close personal friend of the President loaded his gun. All was set. ‘A.K.S., you’re as good as dead,’ he thought to himself. He was due to meet the President in an hour’s time. The President had become a madman, determined to plunge the world into nuclear war. He therefore intended to shoot the President through the head. An angel of the Lord had appeared in a dream and commanded him to do so.
    As he was about to leave, a secretary called to him.
    ‘Mr Kane, could you move my computer before you go?’
    ‘Of course, Mabel,’ he said with a beaming smile. ‘No sacrifice is too great for you.’
    He picked up the Apple computer. But he had taken only a few steps when his feet became entangled in a cable. He tripped and dropped the heavy computer on his foot. He screamed and fell to the floor, nursing his crushed bones and groaning in pain. There would be no assassination that day.

In the evening.
    An amorphous auric cloud, dark and noxious, enshrouded the President. He stepped into the escalator with several security agents. The doors closed and the lift began to ascend to the twenty-eighth floor. It was about half-way when suddenly there was a violent jolt, and for one awful moment there was a sensation of falling. Then came another jolt and the lift continued its steady ascent, with its badly shaken occupants.
    In that one fleeting human second, in the world of one of the switchboxes, a prolonged battle was fought between writhing elemental forces, faithfully following the confused thought-patterns of their human mentors. If one minuscule elemental had flexed just one atomic radius further, the arc-over would have been complete, a disastrous malfunction would have ensued, and the President and all who accompanied him would have plummeted to their deaths.

The night before the President died.
    The President dreamed again that he was in the Garden of Eden. He was again doing battle with the enemy, with the servants of the Evil One. He spat out a chunk of apple, which turned into a missile and sped towards the enemy. It disappeared in their midst. But where was the explosion? A loud cheer went up, and the missile suddenly reemerged from the ranks of the enemy and headed straight towards the President. He stood transfixed in horror as the missile drew nearer and nearer, but it was no longer a missile – it was a piece of apple. The President opened his mouth to scream, but the fragment of apple lodged in his throat, and he was choking, choking . . .
    He awoke and leaped from his bed, clutching his throat, gasping for breath . . .

The President’s death.
    The President sat on his bed munching an apple. Through a small chink in the armour of jingoism, from the depths of his dormant spirit-nature, oozed higher-vibrational energies, which were moulded by his beliefs into an angelic apparition. But the lower, constricted self was now triumphant, impervious to persuasion, and the redeeming impulses merely precipitated the final crisis. All the contending forces had been weighed in the unerring balance of nature; for several months the scales had tipped slowly, but now the point of no return had been reached. The President’s time had come. Instantly, and irresistibly, the axe fell. The influx of higher energies into his aura caused billions of elementals to be sucked inwards at lightning speed; the outer body convulsed in violent shock and his throat clamped fast – this time on a real piece of apple.
    And now the President was in his death throes, his purple face contorted with agony. In those few brief seconds, as his body choked for life, he saw all the events that had led to this moment: how, through fanatical devotion to false idols, he had sown hatred and bigotry and helped to bring the world to the brink of destruction. He saw his guilt and his shame, irrevocable and indelible, and he uttered a silent, soul-rending cry of regret. Then the cord of vitality snapped, the physical body died, and all went blank.
    A few moments later his astral soul awakened to a nightmare of suffering, a hell of his own creation, that would endure for much of the interval before his return to earth-life, for another chance . . .

Twelve diamonds suspended in the blackness of space. Rivers of lives sparkling and pulsing from globe to globe, around the planetary chain, pursuing their gyrations along the eternal path to perfection. The densest jewel, our mother-earth, home to our present adventures, spinning in coruscating beauty, washed by the waves of time, in the ocean of infinitude . . .

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