Quotation from: Katherine Routledge, The Mystery of Easter Island, Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 1998 (1919), p. 290fn.

Theosophists, indeed, contend that it has been revealed by occult means that Easter Island is the remaining portion of an old continent named 'Lemuria,' which occupied the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and the writer has been informed by correspondents that she 'may be interested to learn' that such is the case. ... The world at the Lemurian epoch was, we are informed, inhabited by beings who were travelling for the fourth time through their round of the planets, and undergoing for the third time their necessary seven incarnations on the earth during this round. At the beginning of this third race of the fourth round, man first evolved into a sexual being, and at the end was highy civilised. The makers of the Easter Island statues were of gigantic size. To prove this last point, Madame Blavatsky quotes a statement to the effect that 'there is no reason to believe that any of the statues have been built up bit by bit,' and proceeds to argue that they must consequently have been made by men of the same size as themselves. She states that 'the images at Ronororaka – the only ones now found erect – are four in number'; and gives the following account of the head-dress of the statues, 'a kind of flat cap with a back piece attached to it to cover the back portion of the head' (Secret Doctrine, vol. ii. p. 337). The readers of this book can judge of the correctness of these descriptions. Theosophists must forgive us, if, in the face of error as to what exists to-day, we decline to accept without further proof information as to what occurred 'nearer four million than two million [should be: 20,000, cf SD 1:439] years ago.'

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