Who am I?


Date: 21 Nov 2007
Subject: do you have any credentials?

Dear Mr. Pratt,

Having explored your site and found some potentially valuable information, I find myself at a loss to explain who exactly you are. You see, as a philosopher (I'm at [...] in Canada) I am always looking for good reference material and your site certainly appears to bring together some important issues in disparate fields which quite elegantly dovetail together, i.e. science, religion, and philosophy. However, I am unable to find *any* credentials at all, any institutional affiliation, anything at all which allows me to verify you as a reliable source. Anyone can synthesize from a layman's perspective and the results of such speculations are totally uninteresting. As of yet, since you don't even post your own CV on your website, I am left to assume that you are nothing more than a moderately convincing pundit/charlatan, devoid of any robust theoretical education in any of the fields you mean to unite. Can you at least tell me that you attended university? I'd like to reference one of your articles in my own work, but unless you can give me some reason to treat your work seriously, I will have to ignore it.



Date: 24 Nov 2007

Dear [...],

You're saying that the "potentially valuable information" on my website will become "totally uninteresting" and the work of a "charlatan" unless I've been to a university? I like your sense of humour. I have university qualifications in modern languages, translation, and technical sciences. But I regard this as irrelevant, because I think that what anybody says or writes should be judged on its intrinsic merits. Many of my articles are about fundamental differences of opinion between scientists with equally excellent credentials in a particular field. So a university education does not preclude serious errors, even in one's own specialism. I'm also a great believer in self-education.


David Pratt